Feature Request: Add "Links" to export options

I’m a bit of completist and occasionally like to export my database to spreadsheet to verify completeness. I can export all the fields I use regularly except for the URL and descriptions from the “links” tab.

Links is a multi-value field, as it allows multiple links to be added, so that doesn’t fit well in a “flat” columnar format like CSV.

Just curious, the “verifying completeness” cannot be done INSIDE the app or CLZ Cloud site?

I include links specific to that edition or purchase in the “Links” tab. I do the same with “Edition” under the “Edition” tab. Neither of those are sortable (i.e. I can’t just sort on the ones that are empty like format, rating, etc.). It’s really nothing more than an inconvenience to verify that I’ve filled everything out. I was hoping it would be a simple add-on. No worries.

The Edition field CAN be edited to the List View in Movie Connect AND it can be sorted on too.
For Links, that is not possible, but I will check if we can add that.

I see that now. I misspoke, I meant view it as Folder option–but that would be ridiculously pointless to have a unique folder for every edition value. Maybe just a “you left this one blank. did you mean too?” audit option? I really was hoping it would just be something very simple. Don’t waste a lot of time on it. It’s not that important.

Thanks for your prompt replies nonetheless.

If you add the Edition field, then sort on it, wouldn’t the empty entries be at the top, easy to be found?