Feature request: calculating price

Hi all,

I never found a way to do this, so I guess it is not possible at the moment. But, wouldn’t it be nice if we could calculate the total price and total value of our music collection? :blush:

We already can add the price of the item that we bought, and current value in the “Details / Personal” tab page. If there also was a way to let Music Collector generate a total of all of this would be very nice.

Maybe even create a total price based on choose able fields. For example: the total price of all the ABBA items, or the total amount you have spent on “Rock” or “French” records.


PS: This also would be nice to have in all the other Collector apps! :wink:

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You should be able to see your total value / purchase price (if you filled in the data for your albums) by clicking menu Tools > Statistics.

The total is at the top.
Does that help?

This view currently can only show you the total value, so not for a subset of data. That is on the ideas list though.

Wow! :astonished: I didn’t know that. Thanks a lot! :+1:t2:

But, wouldn’t it be interesting if you also could calculate the price value based on fields that you can choose yourself, like a genre, artist, year and so on? :thinking:

Yes, that would be interesting, on a selection, a subset, etc, that is on the ideas list. At least you can now find out your total! :slight_smile:

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Totally agree it would be great if the statistics total could be based on filtered data.

On a similar note, I have sale price data in my database. I currently set a filter and export the data in order to sum the sale price field. It would be great if statistical data (sum, mean, median, min, max) could be presented on purchase price or sale price data.

An even better option would be to have the software populate the prices in a new field called “Online Price” and then be able to calculate the total value for the collection.

Another thing would be if it could calculate the current sale price of the collection. I’m not sure what data would be used for the source and obviously there could be instances where the CD is no longer available so where the the price come from then.

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Yes, indeed, providing a value for CDs would be very cool, but we currently do not have a partner/source for values for CDs/Vinyl. Would be an awesome addon though!

An automated way to populate prices based on current value would be awesome. I don’t have time or memory to populate all my prices, but I would like to have the info for my insurance company :grinning:

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