Feature Request: Crossover/Story Arc Missing Comics

I would love to be able to change my sorting method to Crossover and say choose Blackest Night and be able to see every issue I have in that story but also be able to see what I’m missing(excluding variants).

Similar to the ability to be able to tap on creators and see all of the issues you have that they worked on, maybe be able to do the same with Crossover and Story Arc.

Yes, that is something we are thinking about.
At the moment, we don’t have that information in Core yet, so that would need to be fixed first :slight_smile:

Oh I wouldn’t expect this to be a quick and easy feature to add, but would be nice if I’m trying to read a specific storyline that crosses over, I could find out if I have all of the issues or am missing some.

Thankfully there are resources out there currently, but they’re not all the same.