Feature Request Discogs Code

I would love to have a field for discogs-id codes.
Although I have created a User-defined field for this, I don’t believe those fields are included in the cloud-based copy. I once needed to restore my collection from the cloud and all user-defined fields were gone.
I do make back-up copies to a NAS, but a ‘real’ field for this would be great.


Indeed, user defined fields are not synced with CLZ Cloud (this is a project we will be working on).

For now your best bet is to choose a field that is synced. Maybe you don’t use the Location field, or the disc Slot field. Or you could use the Tags field for this ID - as those fields are synced.

Using Tools > Maintenance > Transfer Field Data you can move all contents of a field from one field to another.

As for actually adding a new field, I will take note of this request here. But I wanted to give you some kind of workaround!

Okay, thanks!

It would also be great to use the Discogs release # as an input method, similar to barcode or catalog number. Before I enter a new release in Music Collector, I will sometimes search on Discogs first for a specific vinyl version because it’s ‘easy’ to query on barcode / catalog number / dead wax info all at once. If I could then easily use the release number to enter an exact version into MuC, that would be awesome.

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Yeah! I second that. Great idea!

Hi, I cannot find the Slot field. I can see it listed under Extra | Field names, but I don’t see the actual field in edit mode. Am I overlooking something obvious?

It’s a “disc” field.

So, edit the album, go to Tracks tab.

Now right click on an actual disc there, and edit it.

The slot field will reveal itself… :slight_smile:

Found it! Thanks. I even managed to include it as a column.

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