Feature Request: IMDB Keywords

One thing that I am greatly missing in my transition of DVDpedia to CLZ is IMDB Keywords. I dont know if this is on the development roadmap, but if not I would love for it to be considered.

I used Keywords extensively in my collection searches, and I am finding I am still going back to DVDpedia to use them at times.

Example: I am interested in a watching a “psychotronic” film that features a “rat” and a “wheelchair”. Return = Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

Thanks for your consideration.


For clarity, is this available IMDb data?

(BTW: I was not aware that DVDpedia had an IMDb content license)

The IMDB feature is called Keywords, or more recently called Plot Keywords. Find them at the Storyline area. (see screenshot)

As for DVDpedia: good question. I dont know the answer but it does indeed download the keywords and all the IMDB data into the entry.

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I support this suggestion, i think it would be a nice feature to have and the additional data would be very useful to me.

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