Feature Request: Moving Storage Boxes

So this could be a niche issue, but maybe others could benefit from this. I’m currently re-logging all of my books. I’m also labeling and sorting all of my boxes with the most accurate grade I can personally give the book.

After said and done, I would like to potentially mass move books to boxes to keep series/characters together in boxes. I know I can go in and just easily change the storage location of each book and even on a mass scale. Say I could highlight “Green Lantern Vol. 3” and say I want to move them all to storage box 115, instead of it just changing the location it would give me another screen started from the first in collection showing what box it’s moving from instead of clicking on each book individually to figure this out.

Then at the end of the screen, you’d have a confirm box that would change those values. On that screen you could potentially even have a check list that you check off each one you move so you know which ones you’ve moved and which ones you still need to move.

Something I was thinking about from someone with a much much larger collection (around 40 long boxes).

You can use Edit Multiple to quickly edit a field of multiple comics in 1 go.

Here’s how:
You can tap and hold on a comic to select it. You can then select multiple comics.

Then tap Action, then tap Edit.

Now select which field you wish to Edit for all those comics (Storage Box I think?), and then set the Storage Box for all those comics in 1 go.