Feature Request: Musician Pseudonyms

Just bringing up a feature I would love to see in Music Collector: pseudonyms for musicians. I know the functionality is theoretically possible because you have it in Book Collector for authors.

It would be great to link a stage name to a legal name (e.g. Bono and Paul David Hewson), to link various versions of an artist’s name (think Prince), or to link artists performing under different names (e.g. David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust). Currently, I’ve been making double entries with the alternate name in parentheses (e.g. David Seville (Ross Bagdasarian) and Ross Bagdasarian (David Seville), but that works for no more than two variations and I have to actively search it rather than have it linked.

Would anyone else use this feature?


As a classical music lover, I encounter a similar problem with variant spelling of names of musicians, composers and orchestras in different languages.

I have used a variation of your double entry technique for musicians like Leonard Bernstein who appears with 3 entries for composer, conductor and pianist.

It is indeed theoretically possible, as we do it in Book Collector, but the feature is a bit complicated (I would definitely re-design it if we were to do something like that) - however the feature also never made it to Book Connect/CLZ Books as while some power users definitely use it (and its way more common in for books of course) I’m not sure if indeed a lot of users would need it for Music (and Music Connect and CLZ Music).

We’ll put it on our radar though, as I do understand the need from your post!

I suppose not everyone wants to cross-reference so completely. :smiling_face: Thanks for considering it!

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I think something like this would definitely be useful even for general organisation, e.g. when artists change their names (Prince, as mentioned) or where solo artists have a bazillion different “Artist Name & The ____” naming variations for their albums depending on their backing band on any given day. It would mean you could link all the variations together and they’d show up in your library under one name of the user’s choice, rather than have several disparate entries for effectively the same artist.

I understand there’s some technical issues given AJ’s comment and it’s unlikely this’ll happen - but I thought I’d just raise a li’l voice of support for some iteration of this feature.

The way I work around this is using the Display Name for the pseudonym and the Sort Name for the real name. So Display Name: Adele, Sort Name: Adele (Adkins), Adele Laurie Blue.

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