Feature Request: PriceCharting Console Region

Today, when trying to decide whether or not a PCID is correct, i click on the link and check if it’s PAL, JP or US/All

By using the API field “console-name” you could extract the console name, match it against a list of PAL, JP, US or “All” on your end, and it would be easier to spot possible errors with

Same could also possibly (not sure how PCProduct name is set) be used to check if the PCID is matching the Edition of the game by using “product-name”

So what would be compare it with then? Our Region field?

Yeah, we thought about that, but that heavily depends on CLZ and PC using the same naming for special editions.

Region field should be good to have it checked against in most of the cases.

Would probably require quite a heavy datacleanup to match PC and CLZ regions. but as both PC and CLZ allow free text in region, it might be difficult if not impossible to keep correct.
But implementing it would at least give some indication that the edition is wrongly configured on one or the other side.

Neither CLZ or PC allow free text in Region (as far as I know).

Meant free text in “Edition”, sorry for that