Feature Request - Reduce Linking Comics to Core Popups

Recently upgraded to V 23.7.3 (from 17.0.2), and have to fix almost all the links for every comic currently in my DB (right around 1000 comics).
I’ve gotten through about 1/4 of the list (if I’m generous), and the number of clicks I have to go through for EACH comic is growing in annoyance exponentially with each comic I add. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

The process right now is 4 to 5 clicks (5 to 6 if you add in the left click) to link a comic. I see this as being able to be a simple 2 or 3 click process.

  • Right now I left click the comic, and select “Link with CLZ Core”. (click 1)
  • Then I typically click the “Select Issue” button, but did recently realize if my variant is shown I can click the “Apply 1 Link(s)” button for 1 less click. (click 2)
  • Then I find my variant, and then click the “Link” button. (click 3)
  • Then I get a “Confirmation” popup, that I must click on Yes. (I would not have clicked the “Link” button if I did not want to link the comic.) (click 4)
  • There is a progress indicator while the linking is being done, and then I get a “Summary” popup, that I must click on OK. (click 5)

Finally my comic is linked! If there is an easier/faster (less clicks) way please educate me.

My request is that the “Confirmation” and Summary" popups get check boxes in the “Options → Behaviour → Ask for confirmation” so they can be disabled and never ever show up again. Ok, as a software engineer I’ll give in to: the “Summary” popup should probably still display IF there was an error.

Thank you for at least reading my little rant / request.

And here is a screen cap of all the button clicks I’m doing:

Have you tried the “Relink Core variant” option? If you right-click on an issue, just above the Link with Core option you’re using, there is a Relink Core variant option. That gives you the known variants and you click on the correct/desired one.

There’s also a Batch Link Comics option in the CLZ Core menu. But that’s very similar to the process you’re describing above.

Just tried that on one of the entries and I just get a blank screen.
I assume because it is not linked, it can’t find any other options.

Sorry. I assume the developers will weigh in tomorrow. I have used that Relink Core variants even with issues that aren’t linked. For example, I just used that Relink option on Justice League #2C and got 2A and 2B (2C is unlinked and is a newsstand edition I have in my collection that I haven’t had time to scan and post for the editors to add). So that Relink shows me options – just not the one I want. I have on occasion gotten that no variants found message you’re seeing, though…

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That is quite a few popups indeed, and could be less I suppose. I’ve taken note.

But if you have many unlinked comics, and you wish to link them, I recommend using the batch link tool under menu “CLZ Core > Batch Link Comics”


Give that one a go, so you can be done with this process a lot faster.

“Relink Core variant” is to be used only if the comic was already linked to an issue, and you wish to link to a different variant.

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Just tried the “Batch Link Comics” option @CLZ_AJ mentioned, and it is better/faster.
I’ve done about 1/2 dozen comics or so, so far, and it feels to be the same basic process but without all the “extra” popups that have been annoying me.
I’ll come back and update/edit this post if that changes. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

– Update –
Ok, the annoying popups are still there, but they are at the end when you exit/finish the batch process, but this way there was only 1 popup for each instead of 35 of each. (That is better/acceptable.)

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Just curious. Why? Why would you need to fix the links after upgrading?
If those comics are not linked now, it is likely they were not linked in 17.0.2 either…

Unless, you did the importing into v23.7 using a CSV import or something?
If you just OPEN your v17 database in v23, there should be no need to link again.

@CLZ_Alwin, I’m not 100% sure why I have to link/relink most of my collection.

I did just open my old DB, and had to upgrade it to the new v23 format.
I think, maybe, Core was a new feature 8+ years ago when I last really used Comic Collector, and I may not have linked 100% of my collection?
I do have some comics that are linked, and for those comics I can right click and select the “upgrade from core” option, and it gets updated (I have to fix the variant they are linked to for a few). Those ones also have the “Unlink from Core” option where the “Link to Core” option is for the others.

I’ll verify this next part when I get home (edit: updated to the message I get), but for the ones that are not linked if I select the “upgrade from core” option I get a message of “Issue is not linked to Core, do you want to link it now?”.