Feature Request: Standardize Formats

I would like to request that you standardize the values in the Format column.

When you group by Format you get this:


Notice that it takes case into consideration. It would be nice if that were fixed. Further, it would be even nicer if you could ProperCase the values in this field so things like “hardcover” become “Hardcover”.

I think it would also be nice if you could mass update the Formats across the board to standardize all the HC/Hardcover/Hard cover/hard cover/Hardback/Hard back/hard back/Hardback, DJ/Hardcover, DJ/Hardcover w/Dust Jacket/etc. to just be Hardcover. I would suggest that you make the input field on the forms for submitting corrections a validated dropdown as well to prevent sloppy/ugly data from being entered. I have found that I have had to submit corrections to about 1/3 of my books so far. :frowning: Seriously messes with my OCD.

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Yes, it would be good to do some database management on that on our side. Especially the “Hardcover” and “hardcover” are a bit… weird.

You can of course easily, for now, today, go to the menu top left, click Manage Pick Lists, and go to your format list to merge them.
You know, as a workaround, to make your OCD become… a bit calmer :slight_smile:

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