Feature request

At the top of the app it has the number of Comics in collection as well as the value of it.
Is it possible to add a display to show U your key count next to or maybe between the other two figures? Maybe like 56M/1130m… Capitol ‘M’ for Major Keys and lower case for Minor. Or simply color the Numbers, 56 would be gold or yellow and 1130 would be blue…
Or something like that.
Just a request/suggestion. No big deal if not.
Thank You for your consideration.

Not sure about that one. I am hesitant to have this information above all lists.
If you want to see Key totals for your entire collection, that information is available in the Statistics screen.

BTW: I am curious about your suggested “capital M” and “lowercase m” solution. Why not use the yellow and blue key icons instead, like we do in all other places?