Feature Requests: Collection Maintenance & Allow Duplicates

Hi all,

I’ve been using CLZ for well a year now.
It is an amazing app, and it has really helped me keeping track of my collection that is soon hitting 3300 titles.

However i have a few requests.

1: Always Allow and/or Session Allow Duplicates.
For me, i have quite a few duplicates that i add to a separate collection. This collection will at times have multiple duplicates.
It would be very nice to have a feature to either Always allow, Session Allow, or “Allow All Scanned Duplicates” for duplicates. instead of one by one clicking “OK”

2: It is now time to do some spring cleanup. and i want to make sure my collection is accurate.
I would like a feature where the scanning allows to not only indicate if i have the game, but also the specific barcode.
Over time i have replaced disks, covers & editions with improved quality, but might not (never have) changed the barcode in the database. i would therefore like to scan a game, and see if i have that specific barcode in the collection or not. and then get the possibility to replace Barcode, and subsequently replace cover, edition and so on.

Yes, that is something that is on our ideas list.

Mmm, that is quite specific.
Have you tried searching in the main screen by barcode?

I will give this a try.

Would also be nice to be able to have a distinction if you own that specific barcode of a game. or just the game in general. useful when collecting multiple regions, editions and so on :slight_smile:

I see that importing from the former app i used “back in the day” means i don’t have the barcode information.

Will now start a full re-inventory of my 3300+ collection. and at the same time scan correct labels if any are missing, or wrong. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

Good luck :smiley:

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Keep me posted on how that goes.
Especially in terms of success rate on your barcode searches (should be around 98% - 99%) and how well the automatic Core images match your scanned edition.

From now on (done with Wii) i’ll note down any error i find.

Roughly for wii it was:

20 with wrong Covers (new ones either found through tool, or scanned and added to core)
3 with no link to Game - Added
2 With Wrong System - Reported and added to core
3 with Regional Naming error - Reported and added to core

Out of how many Wii games was that?

It is a bit disappointing.
For Wii, the most popular games have already been checked, but there’s over 6 thousand still to go.

(but you have access to the CoreCMS tool, so you knew that, right? :slight_smile: )

155 games.

But when I say “Wrong Cover” I also include wrong cover within EU.

I will start logging more precise data.
I’m jumping onto DS games now. And that’s a jungle of regional naming, even within EU

Maybe fix all DS covers through CoreCMS first, then start adding your own collection :slight_smile:

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Probably the best idea. :slight_smile: