Feature Suggestion

Or maybe already exists?

Ability to change seen status (watched) without having to edit, Perhaps a new option on the blue menu when a movie (or movies) check box is ticked that toggles the ‘seen’ status.

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Would be a great feature if possible.

Sorry, that is indeed not possible.

For my understanding, are you looking to change the Seen It status for multiple movies in one go? Then the Edit Multiple tool is not so bad for that?

That is a shame and yes, I either multiple movies or indeed a single movie. Just a quick button press to toggle the seen it rather than going in to the edit screen selecting personal and clicking seen it (yes) and the extra unlock click for multiple movies.

Would have been a nice touch but thanks for quick response.

“the extra unlock” click

That is not there anymore since we redesigned the Edit Multiple screen.
Editing one field for multiple movies is very quick now:

Quoted from the what’s new:

The new Edit Multiple screen

Batch editing multiple items in one go is now much easier. Just select the field(s) you want to edit, then modify them in a clean and tidy Edit screen showing just those fields.

The screens remembers the fields you select, so if you do regular batch edits on the same fields it is super-efficient.

Reminder: How to use “Edit Multiple”

Here’s how to batch edit multiple entries in one go:

1. Select multiple items

To begin, you need to select the items you want to edit. To select items, click the checkboxes on the left of each entry in the list. Checkboxes are also available in Card View and Images View, just hover your mouse over an entry.

The Select Mode is automatically activated as soon as you checkbox the first entry, clearly indicated by the blue Batch Action Bar that replace the regular toolbar. While in Select Mode, the blue Batch Action Bar is visible, always showing you the number of selected entries. Also:

  • Use the “Select all” checkbox to select all entries in the current list in one go
  • Use the “x Cancel” button on the right to leave Select Mode

2. Click “Edit” on the Batch Action Bar

Now click the EDIT button on the Batch Action Bar to open the “Edit Multiple” screen.

Warning: the Edit Multiple feature is a very useful and powerful tool, but… remember what Uncle Ben said: With great power comes great responsibility!

Yes noted, I was writing from memory but the new screen is a lot quicker.