Feral Missing

Feral #1 Bird City Comics C2E2 Trish Forstner & Tony Fleecs Foil Variant.

Feral #1 Nomasss Comics / Captured Collectibles C2E2 2024 Javan Jordan Saw Homage Variant

Feral #1 3rd Printing Trish Forstner & Tony Fleecs Cat People Movie Poster Homage Variant

Feral #2 Final Order Comics Amy Mebberson Garfield Homage Variant

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Also, looks like Feral 3 is getting the surprise Thank You treatment!

Feral #3 Surprise Thank You Variant (One Per Store) Cover E
UPC: 70985303949500351

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When will these be added? Or should I just take pictures and add myself? Thanks

Hi, do you have pictures of these so we can use them in Core?

Let me know if those work, new at this :slight_smile: Looks like it did, first is Smile, Garfield, Foil, and saw. You guys already got the 3rd printing one it. Thanks

The first one is Feral #2 Gabe’s Cave Tone Rodriguez Smile Homage Variant

Thank you

PS did another post with this info:

Hang in their baby: This one was cancelled, Arsenal comics was not able to get it printed. It can be removed. You have it listed as #1AC There are also some duplicates. #0B is the same as #1H, and #1AA is the same as #1AE.