Is there anyway to Filter on other fields then “Title”?

I can use the search bar on the top right but that only searches in the Title field. If I could select other fields to ‘search’ in - that would be a start

What kind of fields would you like to search for exactly?

(I replied to your other topic with instructions on how to use the Folder button top left, that will likely help you here too, because if you foldergroup on a field, a new search box appears above the folders on the left for you to quickly find one of those folders!)

Yes, that works indeed. Not very user friendly - but it works.

Can I opt for a different and more useful idea?
Add a filter line above heading line (the one where you can sort your list). An edit field for every column - any data you type in there will be used to filter out the list below (live…) (not searching the database by every keypress - but just filter on the in memory list)

I’m not sure if creating filter options per “column” would be the way to go here (for instance you couldn’t use it if you use “Images view” or “Cards View”).

We do have “advanced filter” on the ideas list though so you can perhaps actually create a very detailed filter to approach your collection.

That said, could you give me a very specific use case that you would use this for?