Filtering for a series or an author to print

Hi all,
I am using Book Collector/ laptop and trying to print out just my Oz books or just my Wodehouse books or just my The Shadow books or whatever (I have … dozens of interests). But the print function just wants to print 1 or all -
The workaround I am considering is Export to Excel, delete all the other rows then print the series or author or collection in which I am interested.
But are you/ will you consider a way to filter on a Series or Author? If that function exists, it is not easily discernible.
Thanks in advance,

To print a sub-set of your collection, make sure to make the selection on the main screen first.

Then, while still in the main screen, select all items on screen using the Select All command (Ctrl-A).

Now go to the Print screen and on the top left, choose the “Selected …” option.

NICE! I was successful! Thank you!