Find Missing Comics is acting weird

I select Uncanny X-Men (where I most definitely have missing issues), and click “Find Missing Comics” - usually, I would only see the missing issues for that series. Instead, I get the list of all missing issues. Stranger still, when I filter by “Uncanny” Uncanny X-Men still doesn’t show up.

This works fine in the CLZ app.

Please let me know if this should be a formal ticket - I have screenshots, if that would be helpful.

Anyone else seeing this?

I’ve checked your collection, and your Uncanny X-Men series is set to “Hide from Missing Comics”.

So when you hit up Missing Comics for Uncanny X-Men, it will notice “oh you don’t want to see this one in this screen” and then “show all missing comics” instead.

You can change it by finding Uncanny X-Men in Comic Connect on the left hand side in the folder panel, then hover your mouse over it, and click the pencil icon.

You will see this screen:

Now, under “Hide from Missinc Comics” set it to NO, and then Save it.

That should fix it!

That’s crazy - I must have totally done that on accident. THANK YOU for the easy fix!

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