I copied this from a post in the Mov Connect.

Hello, I recently scanned and entered the Firefly Complete Series on Bluray into Movie Connect. Barcode #: 024543394587

This is the 15th Anniversary Edition. The episode order is not correct.

It should list the pilot episode (Serenity) as Episode #1. Currently, the Serenity episode is listed as #11.

The correct order of episodes should be as listed below. Thank you for fixing this!

  1. Serenity
  2. The Train Job
  3. Bushwhacked
  4. Shindig
  5. Safe
  6. Our Mrs. Reynolds
  7. Jaynestown
  8. Out of Gas
  9. Ariel
  10. War Stories
  11. Trash
  12. The Message
  13. Heart of Gold
  14. Objects in Space

I Agree it should be the same for 024543533696.
This is the correct order (As intended by the writers) and put on the DVD’s / BR’s however it is not the original TV broadcast order per IMDb & Fandom.

Sorry, but I think we already discussed this?
Why post this again?
If you want to discuss further, please do so in the original post.