[Fixed] Actionverse shuffling

I’d recommend shuffling around a couple of Actionverse issues. I think these are all valid issues that should be indexed, but I think their placement is off.

First, I think Actionverse (Halloween ComicFest 2015) #0 is a more appropriately housed under “Actionverse” than in the Halloween series.

#0 isn’t a Halloween Comicfest issue (you can see the $3.99 cover price).

Then, the trade that is in Actionverse is really the trade for “Stray Ongoing”.

I don’t see that listed elsewhere. So I’d recommend pulling that out into its own series or moving it in with Stray Ongoing.

@Reinharc I have moved the issue #0 but I left alone ‘Actionverse (Halloween ComicFest 2015)’ as a series.

For ‘Stray’ I have moved the TP to the ongoing series. Thank you for reporting!