[Fixed]Actor listings for Richard Reeves incorrect

Search for actor Richard Reeves shows the following:
Richard Reeves Target Earth, Adventures of Superman
Richard Reeves Farinelli
Richard Reeves Seabisquit, Dave
Richard Reeves Seabisquit, Dave
Richard Reeves Doctor Who, Katy
All of these create a link to Richard Reeves who was in Target Earth. The other instances should go to the other three Richard Reeves. And the Richard Reeves who was in Seabisquit is listed twice.

And the picture shown is wrong. The picture is of the American writer Richard Reeves, not any of the actors with this name.

I’ve updated “Richard Reeves” in CORE.
Thank you

The change doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem. If I add the four different Richard Reeves actors, I see the same Richard Reeves who was in Target Earth four times. And this actor still has the same incorrect photo thumbnail showing a picture of Richard Reeves the American author.

I submitted a topic to Movie Collector on this subject. The Add Actor function doesn’t seem to work if a search comes up with two or more actors with the same name. In all such cases I’ve tried, the first actor in the search list is added, no matter which other actors I choose. As I said in my Collector topic, perhaps I’m adding the actors to the custom cast lists incorrectly.