[Fixed] Amazing Spider-Man #1 2023 Pure Silver Foil?

Got one of these for Christmas and I am not sure if it can/should be added since it’s technically not a comic and is more of a minted coin in the shape and style of a comic. It’s in the CGC census and the CovrPrice database though and it would be great to be able to track the value along with my other comics.

Hi, thank you for posting but we won’t be adding this. It’s not a comic, CGC did grade these but this was a collaboration with the company that produced them. They’re thin silver (metal) slabs with a comic sticker at the front. Thank you for posting though!

Wanted to follow up on this one cause I noticed that there the Amazing Fantasy 15 Pure Silver Foil variant is in the CLZ database. Hoping the ASM #1 silver vatiant might be reconsidered.

Nope, I still stand by what I said. It’s only an image of the front cover glued to a silver plaque. The AF15 has been removed.