[Fixed] Amazing Spider-Man #257, Vol 1

The Plot information tab for covers A-D is incorrectly showing the text from Cover E, which is the real facsimile.

Below is the correct plot information from MyComicShop:

On a Manhattan rooftop, Puma lines up the wounded wall-crawler for the kill shot, but the Black Cat intervenes at the last possible moment! With a brilliant display of her powers, the cat fights off Puma! And helps the web-slinger limp back to his apartment! After Felicia leaves Peter’s pad, Mary Jane walks through the door! And then Puma smashes through the window! Wow, how is Peter going to save Mary Jane much less himself from the wrath of Puma? And so much for the whole secret identity bit! Everything is coming apart at the seams for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (including his new costume)! Cameo appearances by the Rose, Kingpin, and Arranger. (Note: In this issue Mary Jane tells Peter that she knows…he is the Amazing Spider-Man.)