[Fixed] Amazing spider-man vol 3

why does the amazing spider-man vol 3 show up under the letter T
while the rest of the volumes show up under the letter A ??

Each comic has a series title.
Each series title has a “sort name” as well.

For The Amazing Spider-Man it works like this:

Series Title: “The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1”
Sort Title: “Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1”

If this is wrong you can manually fix this by opening the menu top left, go to Manage Pick Lists, tap Series, find the series, tap it, and edit the sort name.

Alternatively: Another way is to find the series in your main screen of all Series, at the T, tap and hold on it, then tap Action, use Update from Core, and set “Series” to REPLACE. This will download the correct sortname from our servers for you!

tried them but they dont seem to work for me

What did you try exactly? Can you show me with screenshots?

There’s also a video showing you how you can modify a sort name of a series yourself:

But using tap/hold on the series, then use Update from Core from Action menu and replacing the Series should definitely fix this for you

thanks done it

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