[Fixed] Amelia Rules! HC / TP - Renaissance Press (2006-2010)


I’ve tried to add a recent purchase of Amelia Rules! TP.

Narrowing it down, the version I have is the one in the subject line.
However, numbering is wrong, and possibly covers are wrong.
I have “#1 The Whole World’s Gone Crazy” which is listed as #2, also the cover is what ended up as the back cover.

#1 is actually #2
#2 is actually #1 (Verified wrong cover)
#3 is #3
#4 is #4
#5 is missing and is titled: A Very Ninja Christmas
#6 is #6 as best as I can see

@Meldince I have made the corrections and deleted the cover for, what is now issue #1

Can you guide me to the actual cover of said issue #1? Thank you in advance.

Here’s #1

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@John_Potten added, thank you for reporting.

I was coming (finally) to post the cover. Oops! Thanks John!

Rowdy here’s the back cover for #1

I also just noticed, the cover John posted is the wrong cover. It’s the cover that was in the Database already.

Youre mixing publishers. This is the Renaissance Press run, that last one is an Atheneum Books reprint. There is a separate listing under Simon & Schuster who own Atheneum.

I think you’re right. I re-read the Indicia and it is the 2009.

Rowdy, so the images I posted are this:

Amelia Rules (Simon & Schuster)
Simon & Schuster 2010 - 2017

I see the #1 is a C Cover, so I’m guessing mine would be the A cover which is missing.

@Meldince added them to the series ‘Amelia Rules (Simon & Schuster)’ issue #1A

I corrected the 1C into 1B

Thank you for reporting.