[Fixed] Back Cover Photo Problem

Have a BoxSet Harold Lloyd Definitive Collection Barcode:5060034577591
I have no problems adding boxset to collection. I can load the photo (below) as back cover on an individual film in the collection, but when I try to load as the back cover for the “Box Set” it will not work. It loads front cover into boxset.
Is there anything you can do to help me load this photo. I’ve spent at least 2 hours trying not to bother you with this…but I give up.

Thank You

Possibly related to this, but I cannot add any picture to a boxset, whether front or back. I’ve tried with several different .jpg files, including one that worked before with another boxset.

We’re looking into this now.
We’ll probably be able to fix this later today.

This problem has been fixed now.

Can you please try again and let me know if it works for you again?

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Thank You Alwin and “Team”.
It works fine.
I appreciate your help.
Have a Great Day

Works for me, too. Thanks to all of you!