[Fixed] Bone: one volume alternative cover

I have a copy of Bone: one volume edition that has a different cover than you all have in the core db. I’m linking the cover photo and the barcode here!

@jgrn307 I have relocated this to the series ‘Bone: Special Full Color One Volume Edition’.

If you report missing comics, please feel free to include (straight) images we can eventually use for the entry. Thank you in advance.

Also, with this in mind, is it possible for you to upload an image of the backcover, so I can add that too? This might come in handy once, because of the use of two similar barcodes here.

I can do a cleaner set of images for this, but this is a pretty worn/beat up copy of the book (I read it to my daughter all the time), so the images are going to contain quite a bit of wear on the cover. As a note, I don’t think this should be listed under “Full Color” – it is a black and white version of the comic. I think you did have the right entry in core, it just needs a different cover.

Here’s the GCD entry that shows the correct front cover: https://www.comics.org/issue/215788/, specifically: https://www.comics.org/issue/2271591/

Edit: from GCD it looks like its from the 24th printing, but I can’t figure that out from the interior page. I’m attaching that here:

@jgrn307 with this in mind I relocated the black and white version to a series of its own, ‘Bone: Special B&W One Volume Edition’.

The reason for a series of its own is that I want to keep this apart from regular trade paperbacks.