[Fixed] Brakhage from Criterion Collection

Barcode: 715515260817
This is a 3 disc Criterion Blu-ray titled "By Brakhage An Anthology Volumes 1and 2.
I have been trying to load in my collection. There are 56 films in the collection. I have tried and deleted and tried again. My preference is to add as a box set with 56 films. It keeps coming up with 51, and than 55…but never 56. It’s not letting me load the box set. Would appreciate any help you can give me. I could load them one at a time and make a box set…but I would like to keep it simple but complete.
Sorry that this is the second request tonight. I know you have other customers. Thank You for Helping.

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I’ve added the missing short movie to this set (Yggdrasill: Whose Roots Are Stars in the Human Mind) a new barcode search will give the correct result now.
Thank you for reporting.

Wow!!! This one was really testing me.
Thank you for making work.
I really appreciate all you did for me.