[Fixed] By the Blade

By the Blade is an art book that Dan Brereton funded via Kickstarter. Here’s the details.

Series Title: By the Blade
Cover date: May 2022
Barcode: none
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 124
Publisher: Dan Brereton
Genre: Art / Pinup
Country: USA
Language: English
Plot: By the Blade is a 124-page hardcover celebrating swordslingers and she-wolves, ronin and reavers, masters of blade and battle. Dan Brereton’s tribute to Sword & Sorcery, Samurai Chambara, Weird Tales and Heroic Fantasy.
Herein you’ll uncover a host of warriorkind, knights and rogues, featuring many new pieces from the last two years, including work I’ll be adding right up to the minute we go to press in the Spring.
Cover Price: $39
Limited to 1,000 copies.
Artist: Dan Brereton
Cover art:

Back cover art:

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this is a artbook, not a comic, so I would advice you to just manually add this to your local database instead.

Your entry will sync to and from CLZ Cloud, with all the manually added information, including the cover art and your manually entered creator and character lists.

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