[Fixed] Captain Britain TP

The entry in Core entitled ‘Captain Britain’ and containing #2: A Hero Reborn; #3: The Lion and the Spider and #5: End Game, is just about correct. (There’s a typo on ‘an the Spider’ and the entry should be called ‘Captain Britain TP (UK)’ or something similar.)

The separate entries ‘Captain Britain: The Birth of a Legend’ and ‘Captain Britain: The Siege of Camelot’ can be amalgamated with the first entry as the missing #1 and #4.

All of the volumes are published by Panini.

@Owlboy these are now listed in the corrected series ‘Captain Britain TP [UK]’. Thank you for reporting.

Thanks! But I’m afraid #4 is still mis-filing, under Empty Series.

@Owlboy have you tried deleting that entry from your local database, and then add it again through Core?

Yes. They’re now listed correctly as a series, but when I then add them all to my collection, #4 gets missed out and appears instead as ‘Empty Series’.

@Owlboy sorry to read you’re having an issue here. (sorry, that was lame…)

Can you try this for me:

go to the issue and do an Update from Core, with Series Field on REPLACE

That just results in the entry being added with an empty series title.

@Owlboy I would advice to delete everything and add the series ‘Captain Britain TP [UK]’ from Core.

I just did that, and #4 once again doesn’t appear in my collection with the others.

Can you set your folder list on No Folders, then select all the Captain Britain issues, go to the Action tab en click Remove?

Okay, done, but I couldn’t find #4, because it wasn’t in alphabetical order with the others.

So where does that issue #4 appear exactly? Is it in a different folder?

BTW: is your CLZ Cloud up-to-date?
Maybe I can look at your cloud to see what’s wrong.

I don’t know why, but it’s now sorted, so thank you for that!

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