[Fixed] Captain Marvel Vol 11 Corrections

I’m working through my Captain Marvel Vol 11 comics and there are some discrepancies throughout the series. I’m going to start with issue 1.

The comic listed as 1AC (Blank cover) is not the blank cover for series 11. It is the blank cover for Vol 10. There is a blank cover for series 11, currently 1AF.

The comic listed as 1AD (J. Scott Campbell - SDCC 2019 - Glow in the Dark) is the same as 7C and is properly 7C.

The comic listed as 1AE, without a picture cover, is likely the same as 1T based on the barcode listed with the issue. I haven’t been able to confirm that yet, but the other J. Scott Campbell issues listed should account for it, thus AE is redundant.

The comic listed as 1X has no cover, but its barcode matches 1U.

Additional corrections:

Issue 11E (Phillip Tan Virgin Variant) is the same as 11D. The barcode list for 11E is the correct barcode.

Issue 12I is the same as 12F based on the barcode and since 12I doesn’t have a cover, it could be removed.

Issue 12M should be “Mark Brooks Virgin variant” as the “Incentive Mark Brooks Color Spot Virgin variant” is listed as 12E. The cover shown for each issue is correct. The 12E variant’s barcode should be 75960609268001251 and the 12M variant’s barcode should be 75960609268001261.

Thank you for posting, I’ll be looking at correcting this series during end of the week

This series has been corrected