[Fixed] Challengers of the Unknown vol#1 issue 3

Missing Key:

Challengers of the Unknown vol#1 issue 3 :(1958) Minor Key : Prototype of the Fantastic Four.
Credits : Plotter : Jack Kirby

Sorry this won’t be added. This team paving the way for the Fantastic Four is a cool trivia thing but shouldn’t be a key on a random issue within their run. I see the story kind of follows the origin of the FF but not key-worthy unfortunately. Thanks for posting!

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Thank you for you response. It seems this book gets overlooked even though CGC does list it on their labels and Grand Comics Database both consider it worth mentioning.

To me this falls in the bracket of prototype like Unexpected 16 (1957). Which is noted in the CLZ as follows: "many aspects later used in Journey into Mystery series ".

Alot of Kirby non Marvel was reinvigorated in early 60’s at Marvel.

Again appreciate your reply and want to THANK YOU for the work you team puts into the app and it’s constant updates.



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No worries at all! Don’t hesitate to report any other book