[Fixed] Children of Night

Children of Night is another Kickstarter funded art book by Nocturnals creator Dan Brereton. Here’s the details:

Series Title: Children of Night
Cover date: 2020
Release date: 2021
Barcode: none
Format: HC
Pages: 136
Publisher: Dan Brereton
Genre: Art / Pinup
Country: USA
Language: English
Plot: Welcome once again to Dan Brereton’s Night Studio for anew monograph of collected illustrations, pin-ups, drawings and sketches, featuring a line-up of majestic monster gals, noble brutes and pulpish heroes. Dan’s Monster Noir comic creations, the Nocturnals, are here - along with page after page of other new works and many of his most beloved pieces from decades past. The Children of Night are assembled inside, anxiously awaiting your company.
Cover price: $39
Artist: Dan Brereton
Cover art:

Back cover:

@MetalChris this is a artbook, not a comic, so I would advice you to just manually add this to your local database instead.

Your entry will sync to and from CLZ Cloud, with all the manually added information, including the cover art and your manually entered creator and character lists.

Thank you for reporting though.

I know I added a bunch of these but I’ll just respond here: why are some art books by comic artists in the database and others are not? I submitted these because most of the ones in my collection are already in the database. I have several by Jim Lee that are in the database already but the 60 for 60 one isn’t and I figured the reason was because it wasn’t sold via traditional outlets, not because it is an art book. For example the Wizard Millennium Edition Jim Lee HC is in the database. Additionally, Mike Mignola’s Quarantine Sketchbook HC is in the database as well, which is basically the same thing as the 60 for 60 book just by Mike Mignola instead of Jim Lee. Why are some con sketch books in the database but others should not be submitted? If you guys don’t want to me submitting certain things then fine but I’d like to understand where the line is because I submitted these art and sketch books because most of them are already in the CLZ database (I didn’t submit anything by non-comics related artists, like say an art book on Rembrandt). So how do I know which art books are allowed to be in the database and which aren’t?

Sorry for the confusion. This has been answered earlier so I’m going to use that reply here. I hope this answers your question.

First, we really appreciate your help to improve Core and make it more complete with your submissions and now with the Missing reports on this forum. Please keep doing so as this is very valuable for us.

However please understand that it is up to us to decide what we want to include in Core or not. We welcome all missing reports and suggestion, but we cannot guarantee that we will include in Core everything that is reported.
Of course, in practice, 99.9% of everything that is reported IS being included, so again please keep sending in your reports. There is no reason to stop doing so because once in a while we decide no.

About art books and sketch books: it is a recent realization that our Core includes many entries for artbooks, some submitted by users, some included through our Diamond Previews feed. Some common ones, but most of them super obscure and not ever linked to by users.
So we made a decision to not include these anymore and focus on actual comics.

You are of course still able to include them in your own database, and they will still sync to/from CLZ Cloud, with all the added information, including the cover art AND since our changes last year, EVEN with your own manually entered creator and character lists.
For your own usage, you get full functionality, EVEN if your comic is not listed in Core.

For clarity, we are fully aware that our Core still includes other art- and sketch books. We may decide to remove all of them, OR we may decide to leave the current ones in Core and only apply our new rules to future submissions and reports. That too is up to us and we will decide on a case by case basis.

So again, we really appreciate your help with Core, but please respect our decisions on what to include in Core and what not to include in Core.

Ok so what about variant covers that aren’t listed for an art book that already is in the database? I’ve got one of those I was going to submit as well.

And what is the point of submitting anything if it works the same on my end when I add manually to my collection without posting it here to be added to the database?

And how can we edit manually things like color/black&white manually on titles that aren’t in the database? There doesn’t seem to be a way to edit all fields on our end on titles that aren’t in the database.

Yeah, maybe those we can process. Or not. Or maybe we should remove those from Core too. You tell me :slight_smile: There’s no hard rule.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you are asking here.
Submitting to Core is something you do if you want to help us improve our Core. It is up to us to accept the entry into Core or not.
Whether we included it in Core or not does not matter much for you, right? You can still add it to your own database.

Haha, you got me there. You found the one and only field that you cannot edit in your own entry.

It’s a lot of work to put all this info together for you guys for a “maybe we can process those.” And only since you asked, if it were up to me all comics related art books would be included as there’s so much crossover. Some of these “art books” are really just scans of comic book art, word balloons and all, and it’s hard to say that isn’t comics, the IDW Artist Editions for example. Others are “art books” that are full of published covers to comics and it is also hard to say those are just art books and not comics. Then others are full of con sketches done at comic conventions, sometimes even just blank comic book cover sketches, and I’d argue that is comics too. These books are clearly intended for the comic book audience only and at the end of the day that is what I’d consider should be in the database or not.

For second response it again comes down to amount of work put in for a possibility of it being included. However, reading between the lines it appears that what probably matters most going forward is if the book comes from the Diamond Previews feed it will be included as removing would take more time/effort, and if it doesn’t come from Previews then it won’t be added because that would take more time/effort. And I’m not trying to criticize the amount of time/effort you guys put in, it’s a huge amount and I think we all are glad for it, but I’m really just trying to figure out the line of what is worth my time to submit going forward. Those art books took me hours to collect that info for yesterday just to have them all rejected, a total waste of my time.

I had been wondering if other fields were missing too. The color vs b&w field is one I’ve long wanted access to as I have so many comics in both and I like to use it to sort by sometimes, particularly with my small press stuff. Any likelihood that we’ll get access to edit that at some point?

But now you know that we don’t include them in Core, you can skip the work next time, right?

That sure is worth it. We really appreciate your help. Please keep reporting missing comics here, just not artbooks.

I think that is the only field left that never made it to cloud field / editable field yet. Yes, we can add it.