[Fixed]Core Author Detail Errors

Hi. I’ve noticed a few errors on the Author details.

  1. The photo of Eric Brown (http://clzbooks.r.sizr.io/core/authors/small/f2/f2_50518_4_EricBrown.jpg) is a picture of the actor (Eric Brown - IMDb), not the writer (Eric Brown (writer) - Wikipedia)

  2. The photo of Elizabeth May (https://clzbooks.r.sizr.io/core/authors/small/26/26_230521_4_ElizabethMay.jpg) is a picture of the politician (Elizabeth May - Wikipedia), not the writer (Summary Bibliography: Elizabeth May)

  3. The photo of Kate Elliott (http://clzbooks.r.sizr.io/core/authors/small/a6/a6_12562_4_KateElliott.jpg) is a picture of the actor (Kate Elliott - IMDb), not the writer (Summary Bibliography: Kate Elliott). The wikipedia link also goes to the disambiguation page for Kate Elliott, not the writer’s wikipedia page.

Thank you for reporting,
I’ve updated the reported authors in CORE. :slight_smile:

Thanks! That was really quick :smile:

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