[Fixed] Daredevil #8 Miss Print

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Marvel goofed and miss printed Daredevil, Vol. 8, #8, as they are missing pages. Marvel has done a recall and will replace them. Do you want to duplicate the current issues and add a ‘second print’ or ‘corrected print’ variant for each?

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I’m going to wait with this one for when they arrive in stores. It will make it easier for when they’re in hand. Thank you for posting and providing a link!

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Sounds good @CLZ_Justin - my LCS has already listed the order as ‘processing’. I think they are meant to come the end of the month.

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@CLZ_Justin I received my re-printed copy of Daredevil 8. It’s identical in every way, minus the missing pages of course. I can see that you have already created a duplicate in the core and labeled it as miss-print. I think we are all good here :wink:

@CLZ_Justin I noticed however, that the CP link needs updating/adding:

8D (corrected version): https://covrprice.com/issue/daredevil-8-j-scott-campbell-corrected/?current_page&issue_type=variant
8K (printing error): https://covrprice.com/issue/daredevil-8-7/?current_page&issue_type=variant

Must’ve been done by someone else :slightly_smiling_face:. I have updated the entries with the correct release date and naming convention. Are the barcodes the same? And could you check the cover date in the indicia for me please? Also added the more credits for all the books btw

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@CLZ_Justin Yes, the bar code is the same. I can’t see anything in the indicia that is unique either…


Inside cover:


Back Cover:

That makes it easier for us! I have copied all the info to the corrected versions. Going to be a tough one for people that are unaware of this. (Especially at cons)

Thank you for letting us know :blush:

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