[Fixed] Doctor Strange: Monsters Unleashed

All of the 2017 Marvel Monsters Unleashed tie-in issues and their variant covers are listed as a separate “decimal” issue in their respective series. For example, see Spider-man / Deadpool, Vol. 1 #1.MU and Avengers, Vol. 7 #1.MU.

However, Doctor Strange: Monsters Unleashed is listed as a separate series, and is also listed as variant covers #1R and #1S in Doctor Strange, Vol. 4. See below for screenshots.

The separate series should be removed, Doctor Strange, Vol. 4 #1R should be changed to #1.MU-A and #1S ahould be changed to #1.MU-B. This would also be in line with COVRPRICE.

@Spamsonite corrected, thank you for reporting.