[Fixed] Doom, Vol.2?

The recent release of Doom No.1 last week was listed as only “Doom” in the series when adding to a collection, but now it says Doom, Vol. 2 is it truly a 2nd volume if it’s a one-shot? Would it count in the Legacy numbers? Or should it be titled Giant-Size(d) Doom?

hi, after debating for a bit we found that this was the best solution. At first I would say it can’t be considered as a volume but there are a few in other titles that are exactly the same. Captain Marvel Vol 4 comes to mind. If we were to change this, it would be inconsistent with other titles. Even the indicia has it as the previous one (considered the next vol). So we’ll likely keep it like this. Feel free to change it in your own database though :blush:

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Oh I thought was posting this in the general discussion threads lol. Just wanted to see if anyone was thinking the same or if I was just being weird :rofl:. I appreciate your feedback and I promise I wasn’t trying to question how you do your work, was just curious if a one-shot could be considered a Vol.2

Thank you!! :blush:

Oh I know, don’t worry :blush:

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