[Fixed] Duplicate John Scott Martin actor entries

Search finds duplicate entries for actor John Scott Martin. The following actors also appear to have duplicate entries:
Harvey Keitel (includes “Harvey Keitel; John Lydon” entry)
Louis Di Bianco
Michael T. Laide
Friedrich von Ledebur
Mary Jane Carey
Spencer Charters
George ‘Gabby’ Hayes (5 including George Gabby Hayes and George “Gabby” Hayes)
Arthur Stuart Hull
Hal Price
Gustav von Seyffertitz
John Le Mesurier
Gianni Solaro

Thank you for reporting.
Fixed now :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I also just noticed when looking for George ‘Gabby’ Hayes that you see an entry for George Gabby. I can’t find that actor anywhere, and I wonder if this is another reference to Gabby Hayes.

In addition to Gabby, we have 2 more “George Hayes” in CORE.

These are the other 2: