[Fixed] Eight Billion Genies

I have a couple of EBG comics that are unlinked and the pic shows what I see, no EBG. Help!

Hi, did you check on the Covrprice site to see if they have a value there? I see no EBG in that list you’re showing. Could you share which EBG variants are still showing no value? This makes it easier fixing it if they are :slight_smile:

Hi Brian,

This is the Link screen in Cloud.

It has nothing to do with linking to CovrPrice.

When I check your database I see you have 2 issues of EBG not linked to CORE.

Namely issue “Special Edition” and issue “1J” which is a bit of a weird one, as that one seems to be linked wrong to Core.

Are you looking to link with Core?
Or is this actually about sending us comics that are not linked in Core with CovrPrice?

This wasn’t a CovrPrice issue. I was trying to link the two unlinked comics and I couldn’t get to the EBG series. It wouldn’t display EBG.

This is not a CovrPrice issue. Your search is what I’m trying to fix, unlinked books. My CLZ is showing 1J as a Schmalke variant. I’ll see if a delete and add works for 1J.
The Special Edition was determined to not be a comic, and more of an art book when I submitted it before.


Thanks for your reply @BrianVariant ! We tought it was about CovrPrice, because it was in the CovrPrice subforum.

I’ve moved it to missing now, but I think you’re good to go if you add it again - did it work out? If not one of our content people can take another look. Let me know!

Apologies for the navigation error. I’m getting accustomed to using this still. I could always say I was fat thumbing it​:thinking::rofl:

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