[Fixed] Empire: A Visual Novel (updated info for core)

Comic: Empire: A Visual Novel
variant description:
publisher: Berkley Publishing
imprint: Bryon Preiss Visual Publications

Cover date: October 1978
Release date: October 1978
| Color | USA | English
Pages: 112

Cost: USD 24.95
Genre: Science Fiction
Cover Artist: Howard Chaykin
Editor: Bryon Preiss


Empire is an exciting book of ideas. It is an adventure in the 61st century an entertaining glimpse of what might be seen four thousand years into the future.

Empire is the story of Qrelon a beautiful woman whose plans for rebellion throw an entire Empire into chaos. Wryn, the native student whose life becomes entangled in the stars; and Loiptix, the general whose secret is shattered by a plot against the Empire.

Above it all, Empire is a fun, witty, fast paced excursion into the galaxy of starships, desert worlds, undersea cities and electronic environments.

Samuel R. Delany use Empire as a filter through which we can examine the role of information in our future. It is it extraordinary journey; a visual experience which is sure to provoke discussion in the sci-fi community.

This is the first full-color visual novel by a major science fiction author in by award-winning graphic story artist to be published in America.

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