[Fixed] Frank Quitely

Frank Quitely is erroneously credited as cover artist on Superman vol 1 number 249 and Detective Comics vol 1 number 424. Not sure if it happens on any other issues.

This has been fixed, thank you for posting!

I still see them listed.

Did you try updating from Core and select allow to replace?

For Creators, it defaults to saying it will be replaced if not marked as custom

That is correct. If you are just using the Core list, then Update from Core always replaces the Creator list.
But you do need to use Update from Core to get the update. It’s not automatic.

Can someone send me step by step instructions? I just don’t see how this works and I don’t want to screw up the list the I worked so hard to compile.

Go to the comic in your app, I mean the page where it shows the full details of that one comic. Then tap the Action button on the bottom right and choose Update from Core.