[Fixed] G-8 and his Battle Aces, Vol. 2

There was only 1 comic put out in 1991

It also has the incorrect publisher, it’s from Blazing Comics, not Argosy.

The 2nd entry in Vol. 2 is not a comic at all:

This is a paperback book, put out by Berkeley in the early 1970s that reprinted G-8 text stories from the 1930s pulps.
This is #2 of a paperback series that ran at least 6 volumes, the 1st 3 had cover paintings by Jim Steranko, which is probably why someone added this one…
I don’t think you guys list paperback books in core, so this should probably be removed.

@BobBretall corrected, thank you for the heads-up Bob.

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@CLZ_Rowdy On the plus side, I discovered 3 paperbacks with Jim Steranko covers that I’m going to collect :slight_smile:

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