[Fixed] Gen 13, Vol. 1 - 1I needs rehoming

Hi Team,

Can you move variant 1I (Chromium cover, reprints #1) from ‘Gen 13, Vol. 1’ to ’ Gen 13: Special Edition’ as 0F. Thank you!

None of the variants in this series are linked to CovrPrice (Gen 13 Special Edition - CovrPrice) - do you want me to submit those separately?

Kind regards,


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Corrected Gen13 Vol 1: updated pictures, corrected the order of the variants according to the cover dates and corrected our naming conventions to better see what’s what

Moved the one over you mentioned and corrected that series as well.
This series has also been linked. Thank you for posting!

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Thank you so much Justin! Would you recommend that I update this series from core?

Yeh if you like to see what I did :grin:
Credits have been fixed as well

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