[Fixed] Hannah Montana Seasons 2 & 3

Seasons 2 & 3 have 4 volumes each with individual barcodes and a single dvd disc in each case. When added they show as the full season with all the episodes when they have only 7-8 per volume. I tried updating at Core but it doesn’t allow changes to episodes. The back covers are at Core and have the episodes list for all 8 volumes. Barcodes are 8717418215156, 8717418215323, 8717418215163, 8717418217563, 8717418247669, 8717418248307, 8717418248420, 8717418254087

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I have linked the barcodes to the correct volumes. A new barcode search will return the correct volume with the correct episodes.

It is best to delete your old entries and add them again via the add screen with a barcode search.

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8717418217563 Season 2 Volume 4 has an episode 8 listed at core, but there is no such episode (No Sugar Sugar) on the disc (check the back cover from core). That episode was not broadcast so wasn’t added to the disc. Can you fix please since it doesn’t delete even after I’ve changed it on desktop and synced

Fixed! Thanks :blush: