[Fixed] Hellfire Gala Guide #2022

This book is listed as a digital comic and should not be triggering a Missing Comic report item.

@fletchergary corrected it and changed issue number. Thank you for letting us know.

I was actually recommending that it be deleted. There is no physical copy of this book. You need to read it on Marvel Unlimited.

See the press release: ‘Hellfire Gala 2022 Official Guide’ Cordially Invites You to Krakoa’s Biggest Event of the Year | Marvel

People also use the app to keep track of their digital collections and to keep track of what they’ve read. Just because it’s digital only, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in the core.

I get that and agree - but it shouldn’t show up in a Missing Comics report either - especially since it would create an eternal gap. And suppressing the title is not a good idea in case a future issue appears. Is there a way to code it or flag to avoid doing that?