[Fixed] How to remove - duplicate variants in Venom Vol. 5?

How do I remove all the extra stuff in my list. For example I’m working on Venom Vol. 5 and I noticed lots of repeats and issues that don’t exist. Do I report that somewhere here?

When you say “my list” do you mean comics that you have added to your collection? If so, you can remove them like so:

(that is for CLZ Comics mobile app)

But if this is about comics that are actually in Core, can you give me some actual examples of comics that should not be there?

I mean in the core my bad

Well I could keep going but I just went through 1-4 all these are already in the core so these are extra.

This book is on there twice. It’s just a mess and drives my OCD crazy.

Alright thanks for explaining and showing some examples. A member of the content team will reply here tomorrow! Thanks for your patience

Actually I think the Crimson variant belongs there just doesn’t have a picture

We definitely have issues in core that exist but don’t have a picture. But you’re saying there are a lot here that really just don’t exist, correct?

Seems most are just repeats of ones that are already in there. Probably someone added without checking

One of our content managers will check this series tomorrow.
In any case, reports like this is exactly what this forum is all about, so thanks!

Awesome I’m still getting used to it but I guess this will work. Appreciate all your help guys.

@Violator I have made the corrections, thank you for letting us know about this.

Did you go through the whole volume or just the ones I showed?

Here’s that 7 incentive cover.

I went through the series and searched for entries where images where missing and for entries where an image was missing and a barcode was listed. I tried to complete these through Google searching on the combination of barcode and variant related information.

@Violator you are referring to issue #7C, am I correct? I’m asking because this image was already listed in Core.

These Mico books are in the core 2 times also added a picture of #7 incentive bottom of this thread.

Ya 7c not showing up on mine for some reason maybe needs a reboot on my end

Rebooted still not showing

To be sure, I replaced the image.
I see it in my app now, can you check again?