[Fixed]Incorrect version linked to UPC — Sparta - Porcelain

Hey there:

UPC 602498627594 (U.S. release) currently points to a disc ID that references: the European version which has the UPC 602498629062 (it has one “bonus” track the U.S. version does not). The cover art is also pretty terrible for that UPC result: it’s got a gigantic white border and no rear cover.

602498627594 should point to something like https://www.discogs.com/release/512302-Sparta-Porcelain (only 14 tracks)

My copy’s (bought day of release!) freeDB ID is a90d7e0e

Thank you for reporting :slight_smile:
I’ve assigned the reported barcode to the 14-track US edition.
A new barcode search will give the correct album as the result now.