[Fixed] Issues with Les Aventures de Tintin - Tintin En Amérique - French

There is severy issue with " Les Aventures de Tintin - Tintin En Amérique"(3309450018700) - French version

  1. Cover reported by default are not correct - The Core report the Atlas version (Blue) and these DVD have no Barcodes.
  2. To find the correct DVD, you need to search for “Tintin en Amérique” and you find need to select " Les aventures de Tintin 1: Tintin en Amérique". This one should have the barcode 3309450018700
  3. When added, I can only submit the Front cover but not the back cover

Hope it is clear.

Note that all the titles from the collection are incorrect. I will send the correct soon as well

Thank you for reporting.
I’ve updated the reported edition in CORE.
A new barcode search will give the correct result now.

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