[Fixed] It's A Bird

The Barcode on this book is currently scanning as #E, this is the first edition HC

Title: It’s A Bird
Variant: HC
Barcode: 76194123054200111
Description: First Edition
Cover Artist: Teddy H. Kristiansen
Publisher: DC Comics
Imprint: Vertigo
Release Date: 2004
Country: USA
Format: Hardcover
price: $24.95
Writer: Steven T. Seagle
Writer: Teddy Kristiansen

@Dean corrected, thank you for letting us know.

Shouldn’t the variant letter possibly be changed to HC or HC-A. I think it is still a bit confusing having the first printing of the book come up as cover E. I do also wonder if some of the others are duplicate entries.

@Dean you are correct, this is still a bit confusing.

I do also wonder if some of the others are duplicate entries.

they are not, as all entries have different barcodes though.

I have edited the entries to help differentiate them more. Thank you for letting us know.

@CLZ_Rowdy, I think some of the are ISBNs not barcodes, I’ve noticed this on a few entries, but it has only tweaked with me in the last few days that that is what I’m looking at. The barcode on HC-B is a ISBN the same goes for TP-B. I’m pretty confident that they are both duplicate entries now after doing a bit more research. I hope that helps.

Thanks for the heads-up.

I’m going to leave these the way they are for now. Know that you can add (and edit) any version you have in your local database.