[Fixed] Key Category Updates


Just flagging a few books in my collection that don’t have a key category set:

  • Batman Beyond: Neo-Year, #1 - ‘1st Appearance
  • Wolverine, Vol. 7 #6 - ‘1st Appearance
  • White Widow #1 - ‘1st Appearance
  • Ant, Vol. 1 #1 - ‘1st Appearance

Thank you!


All have been fixed! Also corrected Ant Vol. 1 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @CLZ_Justin

@CLZ_Justin when you updated Ant, Vol. 1 #1 - did you also do the variants?

Yeh, also added a new one we were missing

Strange - 1F and 1E are showing a key for me, but no category.

can you update them again?

‘No changes’. :frowning:

try again? :sweat_smile:

Fixed!!! :beers:

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@CLZ_Justin I’m having the same issue with ‘Wolverine, vol. 7’ #6A - it’s not updating either :joy:

This should be fixed now!

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That did it!! :slight_smile: