[Fixed] Liberty Headows HC

Issue: 2
Variant: A
Barcode: 974158240333902495
The Barcode that being listed for 2B is the one that is on the first printing, so this should be the barcode for 2A, I think the is an error and this is a duplicate record, but eitherway, the Barcode on B should be the one on A.

Issue: 3
Barcode: 974158240333902495
This same Barcode also appear on issue 3. Not the one in the app. I can confirm that both books I have are first printings.

The Barcodes for 1A and 4 are correct.

The Listing for Just issue 1 - the one with Brandy holding the mallet behind her back on an orange background is actually ‘Liberty Meadows: Big Book of Love’ and is from a different ‘series’ it was published by Insight Studios Group and there was a Trade Edition variant A HC and a signed limited Edition HC B - limited to 400 copies. I have the Trade HC.

Title Liberty Meadows: Big Book of Love
Issue: NA
Publisher: Insight Studios Group
Date: September 2001

@Dean I have relocated the ‘Liberty Meadows: Big Book of Love’ to a series of its own and corrected the others. Thank you for reporting.